Working out is something everyone should be doing. We all hear it and want to start, but sometimes it is really hard to get the motivation to be active. So I'm going to give you some little tips to help you to enjoy feeling your body move.

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Do not think about it as something that you have to do. Think about it as something that you have the privilege to do. Some people are not able to do physical activities, but if you can you should take advantage of it.

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Do not push yourself to do something that you don't enjoy. Try out sports, or fun activities such as hiking, skateboarding, or riding a bike. I personally love playing volleyball, swimming laps, walking the dog and sometimes going for a run.

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Have healthy pre workout and post workout meals. They should be balanced in macros. Don't focus on just how many calories it is, but on the amount of protein, fats, and carbs are involved in the meal. You want these meals to be low in carbs high in protein and have some healthy fats (such as nuts).

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Make a fun workout playlist to keep you pumped up and motivated. This is my everyday workout playlist.

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Decide what you want your workout routine to be before you head to the gym. This way you know exactly what you will be doing and won't feel awkward.

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And my last tip is to have a few good quality workout outfits.

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