You left him.
But you felt like he had left you, and that's why you left.
But you ended it, you broke your own heart for the better.
And he didn't care. But you know he was hiding his pain. Because you cannot watch the most perfect girl walk away from you and not feel at least slightly hurt. But he deserved it, he acted like he didn't care, he took you for granted. And you know he's trying now, trying to find a girl with a body as magical as yours and a soul as strong as yours. You know he's realizing that it doesn't exist, that he had the best, but he lost it. and you can find a guy better than him so quickly. He starts to regret it. he starts to want you back. You want him back too but you know your heart cant handle one more heartbreak and you know he will. You were broken, and he knew, he knew your life and your secrets, and he knew you were empty and needed someone. But she was strong, you are strong. You won't settle for someone like him and now he's realizing he should've loved you better.
"you don't know your lover till you let her go, and you let her go"