When things don't go right, look to the left and I promise that you will always find me.
- Your Bestfriend.

Dear Bestfriend,

We've been friends since forever and I'm so happy were still friends till this day.

Your always so positive even though you been through so much.

You've helped me and inspired me in so many different ways.

Wake up! and promise me that you will never leave me...pinky promise.

The world needs your smile, It needs your beauty.

Don't Forget that theirs things worth living for.

Don't forget your beauty. I know it may seem like there's more darkness in this world but trust me , there is light.

Your life is a book, so don't end the chapter too soon.

I can't promise that everything will be alright, but I can promise that I'll get through it with you.

Place your hand on your heart, you feel that?.... I'ts called purpose, your alive for a reason

As I hold your hands right now in this hospital. I think of all the memories that we had. Please stay alive so we can make many more.

Nobody is perfect, school is stressful , things at home may not be working out but so what?.....

God gave the toughest challenges to his strongest warriors, he wouldn't give you a challenge that he knew you couldn't face... Trust him.

You can do anything.... but don't let ending your life be one of them.

Let's graduate together this year and let's us go to college together....please be in my life forever.

Keep smiling and just talk to me when your hurting.

Remember you are strong........so strong.

Nobody likes a movie were everything goes right, your life may not always go right but I promise it will have a happy ending.

You are beloved, You are my super hero , most importantly .....

You are my best friend and I Love You.

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