I am a supporter of equality, not feminism.

Because feminism's meaning apparently changes from One to other.

But we, for sure share the main basic goal which is Demanding respect, Demanding to be equal to man.

But everything else and I mean EVERYTHING else it a personal opinion, and personally I like to stick to the origins and not to make women some sort of superior to men.

Equality is the word that we should be using because it does not seem to be present nowadays.
We want to be equal to men, to have the Same basic rights such as education, work, positions, payment.

What I hate the most is Mixing homosexuality, religion choices, even politics with it.

A feminist man is a man who believes that women are equal to men and support women's right.

Not putting on make up And wearing high heels .... That makes you Mentally ill not feminist.

Ps: this is a personal opinion, I hope I didn't offend anyone. (I actually don't care) .