I am so sick of my style.

I've been wearing basic t-shirts in white, grey, black and olive for two years now.

I've been wearing boots, jackets and accessoires only in brown leather.

I've never bought anything which was impractical or not compatible with the rest of my wardrobe.

I've been wearing the same haircut, the same earrings and no makeup for such a long time.

I've been wearing black and nude basic underwear forever.

I feel as if I am stuck in my life and I am just 18 years old.

I can't stand the look of the colours brown and green anymore.

I hate wearing my brown leatherjacket.

I hate hiding my curves beneath baggy shirts.

My mental health suffers under the pressure I created myself, being extremely mature, a practical minimalist and not wanting to spend money on something "so shallow as clothes".

I am sick of being a minimalist in fashion.

I always thought I had to wear brown and green, no makeup and little jewellery because I like nature.


I can wear crazy things and still love hiking and watching sunsets!

I can wear makeup and not be fake!

I can wear heels and whatever the heck I want!

If you don't like the situation, change it!

You are not shallow if you care for you appearance! What we wear and how we portray ourselves has a strong impact on how we feel.

I decided, that if I am not happy with the way I dress right know, I'll just dress differently.

I want to show my bold, fearless character and Weheartit is my best help. In the following days I'll create a collection with inspiration for clothes and styles I like. I did some research on what suits my bodytype and wrote down which clothes I found interesting With this knowledge I will create my new wardrobe - and my new self.

Don't feel bad if people look at you confused or ask questions all the time, if you suddenly dress in a completely different way.
You do you!

If you want to change your style as well, create a collection just like me and fill it with your own, unique inspirations.
Text me and we can chat about it!

I link my new collection below, which is now, while I am writing, empty. But I'll fill it as soon as possible.

I am curious, if it will work out the way I imagine it.

Love, Erynneth