It's easy to just think that astrology isn't real because it's difficult to believe that planets and stars can have any impact on our lives, on our personalities and our relationships.
But it only takes a little bit of research to realise that there are way too many coincidences for it to be entirely made up, so with open-minds and hearts we can acknowledge that maybe the universe with its stars and planets possibly do have an impact on us humans.
Anyway, weather you choose to believe any of this or not, here is what I have personally noticed about each zodiac signs personality.

"# The Zodiac Signs "


rose, red, and flowers image aesthetic, fashion, and pretty image neon, red, and light image aesthetic, dior, and jewels image
  • seem calm from a distance
  • very confident
  • the most determined people
  • competitive but pretend like they're not
  • very compassionate and kind
  • extremely impatient


cactus, plants, and green image bedroom, home, and room image art, girl, and tumblr image bright, fresh, and green image
  • down to earth
  • very materialistic
  • generous and helpfull
  • hard working
  • can be moody and intolerant


girl, hair, and yellow image gigi hadid, model, and gigi image yellow, aesthetic, and quotes image cat, cute, and animal image
  • so much fun
  • victim complex
  • sensitive
  • curious and talkative
  • adaptable
  • can be two-faced


15, swimsuit, and fashion image fashion, girl, and style image tattoo and moon image art, grunge, and aesthetic image
  • emotional and sensitive
  • attaching
  • reserved and manipulative
  • kind and warm
  • artistic
  • not always very open minded


flowers, home, and window image bts, jungkook, and kpop image orange, book, and aesthetic image flowers and orange image
  • very confident and passionate
  • know exactly what they want
  • dramaaaa
  • generous and kind
  • interesting to talk with
  • egocentric


girl, art, and painting image adorable, cat, and playful image Image by lilu book, autumn, and cozy image
  • analytical and hard working
  • detail orientated
  • very funny
  • shy
  • sensitive and can be judgemental
  • helpful and compassionate


fashion, pink, and style image eyes, glitter, and eye image girl, hair, and tumblr image
  • sweet and warm hearted
  • want to be liked by everyone
  • hate conflict
  • sociable
  • very funny and flirtatious
  • can be a little shallow


aesthetic, alternative, and eyes image car and porsche image music, neon, and life image aesthetic, dark, and grunge image
  • secretive and reserved
  • emotional
  • sarcastic af
  • highly intelligent people
  • very opinonated
  • love deeply


fashion, style, and clothes image quotes, young, and life image summer, couple, and pool image summer, girl, and beach image
  • very fun people
  • undiplomatic
  • never know when to stop
  • confident
  • open minded
  • kind and generous


hair, braid, and article image cole sprouse, boy, and riverdale image flower girls image paris, drink, and champagne image
  • serious
  • down to earth
  • moan a lot, grumpy
  • hard working
  • hard shell, soft core
  • very lowkey


Copyrighted image girl, summer, and ocean image stars, moon, and sky image cat, animal, and snow image
  • detached
  • always have to be right
  • open minded
  • unique and independent
  • can be overly dramatic
  • adaptable


love yourself image 13 reasons why, justin foley, and brandon flynn image hair, style, and grey image stars, aesthetic, and glitter image
  • kind and warm hearted
  • overly sensitive
  • fun people
  • always seem to be lying
  • artistic
  • easily lose their tempers