Guyss I failed the challenge. I didn't have the time to do day 3 and day 4.
I will do day 4 today, but for day 3 I haven't found the best answer yet. Maybe I will finish it the next days. But today I will just carry on with day 4 and 5. Hope u enjoy it !

day 4: write about someone who inspires you

So there are actually a lot of people on this earth that inspire me. But I think today I'll write about my favourite singer katy perry. I'm not the fangirl I used to be anymore, but I still like her and she's such an inspiration to me. I love her style and I love how she changed her appearence the past 10 years. The evolution from the "I kissed a girl" Katy to the Katy she is today is amazing. I love it if people have the courage to change their opinions and styles, and I think that's exactly what she does. And she's such a funny person and takes a lot of things with her big sense of humor.
And of course I'm a big fan of her music. I like singing myself and when I was younger I always dreamt of being such a popstar like her.
In less than three months I will go to a concert and I can't express my joy in words. Love you katy!

Image by Esther

day 5: list five places you want to visit

1. Los Angeles

photography image

2. Hawaii

captured, hawaii, and summer image

3. Amsterdam

buildings, river, and sky image

4. New York

city, new york, and sky image

5. Greece

Greece, santorini, and sunset image

Have a nice weekend y'all :)