L ~ Lola/The Kinks
A ~ Another Love/Tom Odell
U ~ Una Mattina/Ludovico Einaudi
R ~ Rock My World/Michael Jackson
E ~ End Of The Road/MGK
N ~ Not Afraid/Eminem

Superthumb alternative Superthumb funny
some songs that i like

TV shows/Movies/Books

L ~ Looking For Alaska/John Green
A ~ Avatar
U ~ Up
R ~ Reign
E ~ End of the F**** World
N ~ the Notebook

book Alyssa Superthumb die
great movies tell great stories


L ~ Lively
A ~ Annoying
U ~ Unpredictable
R ~ Rebellious
E ~ Easygoing
N ~ Nochalantly

boy grunge theme best friends


L ~ Legolas/Lord Of The Rings
A ~ Audrey Hepburn
U ~ Uriah Shelton
R ~ Regina Mills
E ~ Effy Stonem
N ~ Noah/Walking Dead

audrey cigarette the walking dead Superthumb


L ~ Lola
my favorite name of all time,
it means strong woman

A ~ As if
a quote from clueless

U ~ Uranus
From the meme

R ~ Rain
cause i like the smell of rain

E ~ Ew
probably my favorite word

N ~ New York
Where i wanna live

Superthumb boy aesthetic 90s