L ~ Lola/The Kinks
A ~ Another Love/Tom Odell
U ~ Una Mattina/Ludovico Einaudi
R ~ Rock My World/Michael Jackson
E ~ End Of The Road/MGK
N ~ Not Afraid/Eminem

broken, cry, and girl image grunge, quotes, and lana del rey image gun, smoking, and guys image music, funny, and quotes image
some songs that i like

TV shows/Movies/Books

L ~ Looking For Alaska/John Green
A ~ Avatar
U ~ Up
R ~ Reign
E ~ End of the F**** World
N ~ the Notebook

looking for alaska, luck, and john green image james, Alyssa, and alex lawther image badass, gif, and Powerful image love, the notebook, and movie image
great movies tell great stories


L ~ Lively
A ~ Annoying
U ~ Unpredictable
R ~ Rebellious
E ~ Easygoing
N ~ Nochalantly

love, couple, and kiss image grunge, quotes, and smoke image theme and tumblr image girl, friends, and best friends image


L ~ Legolas/Lord Of The Rings
A ~ Audrey Hepburn
U ~ Uriah Shelton
R ~ Regina Mills
E ~ Effy Stonem
N ~ Noah/Walking Dead

audrey hepburn, Breakfast at Tiffany's, and movie image skin, smoke, and Effy image the walking dead, emily kinney, and beth greene image once upon a time, quote, and sad image


L ~ Lola
my favorite name of all time,
it means strong woman

A ~ As if
a quote from clueless

U ~ Uranus
From the meme

R ~ Rain
cause i like the smell of rain

E ~ Ew
probably my favorite word

N ~ New York
Where i wanna live

new-york image love, miley cyrus, and lol image universe, stars, and grunge image Clueless, as if, and yellow image