Good morning to you, beautiful soul!
On this very wonderful springish day, let us love.

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I read once somewhere that I can't remember, that cold is just the lack of heat, and maybe in that same way, hate; is just a lack of love.

ѕσ, ℓєт υѕ ℓσνє!

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Let us let go of our pride, as it is the cause of so much agony..

Forget and forgive, we are all humans. Put yourself in their shoes.

Never think about getting back at someone, let us just laugh it off.

and just love more, hate will get you nowhere..

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If you want to be happy with what you have, you need to accept it, learn to love it and be grateful for it.

We are not alone in this world, you are not living alone; you can not live all alone.. the people around you are a blessing. Don't hate it. Love it.

Even those who've done you wrong, let them go with a clear mind and a light heart, let us not hold grudges.. they weigh heavy on our hearts.

Instead of fear, love.
Instead of anger, love.
Instead of anxiety, love.
Instead of pride, love.
Instead of hate, more love!

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