My name: ANTONIA

peach and orange image apricot, apricots, and fruit image lovely, phrases, and sayings image animal, animal art, and animals image
A: Apricot🍑
blue, dark, and aesthetic image blueberry, food, and healthy image blue, theme, and aesthetic image aesthetic, blue, and navy image
N: Navy Blue 🐳
fashion, girl, and outfit image aesthetic, rose brown, and beige image nails, style, and beauty image fashion and neutral image
T: Taupe 🌼
orange, blue, and summer image aesthetic and orange image orange, photography, and aesthetic image orange image
O: Orange 🍁
crown, neon, and light image blue, neon, and leaves image b&w, decor, and words image lights, neon lights, and red image
N: Neon☇
beige, ivory, and texture image white, paris, and laduree image fashion, outfit, and style image white, marshmallow, and food image
I: Ivory 🗒
fashion, girl, and style image green, tropical, and dark image tropical, jungle, and green image fashion, outfit, and style image
A: Army green 🌵