Hey! I have seen some of these articles and I decided to do it. So here is about me:

My name is Timea and I am 16 living in England but I was born in Budapest. I can speek fluent hungarian , sarcasm, english and a little german.

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Honestly, I don't have a genre that I like to listen to I just listen to music that I like no matter its genre. Some of my favourites are twenty one pilots, artic monkeys, melanie martinez, the neighbourhood, lana del rey, alessia cara, billie elish and halsey.


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I am obsesed with tv shows. I have seen so many and some of my favourites are Stranger Things, Dark, 13 reasons why, Marvel's runaways, Black Mirror, Game of Thrones and of course my absolute favourite is SKAM 😍 (thare is much more but it would take forever to list them)


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I love traveling and on my bucket list the no 1 thing is to backpack through europe but I would also like to visit other places in the world. I also love camping as I love nature.


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I love art and I am planing to do Art in college next year. In the future I probably want to do photography or something related.


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usually like to wear black (like my soul😅) btw my fav colour is orange cuz it makes me feel warm inside (<--- this is being my deepest ever)


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I am seriously addicted to chocolate especially nutella. I usually like to eat anything if it doesn't have meet or mushrooms in it. It might be just me but it freaks me out like what it is really? Vegetable? Fruit? Meat?


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I am a typical aquarious (basically a extremely introvert weirdo but proud of it)


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Does sleeping all day count?


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I probably love animals more than humans (no offence) but sadly at the moment I don't have any as I live in a flat and that would be a torture for most pets 😿.

Sooooooo this is me not trying to be antisocial by trying to make friends. If you just wanna talk to someone about anything just know I am here. Always available. But seriously. Always (I know its sad)