Getting into fitness or getting back into it can be a challenge. Everyone has a busy life and sometimes everything else seems more important

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1. Plan ahead

Plan your week of workouts on a Sunday night or whatever day you have planned as your rest day. Try and mix it up a bit such as Monday jogging, Tuesday lower body, Wednesday upper body etc. Try and add new and different movements each time to save you from getting bored. This way you will know what to do as soon as you get to the gym/start a workout and you will get less bored by mixing things up.

2. Attend classes

This is how I always get back into my workouts. I book myself into classes each week so that I can ensure I go to the gym. They are always fun and great when I feel demotivated as they allow me to work out without thinking. Instead of planning a workout I am able to follow what I am being told. This is also great for beginners and a great way to meet new people.

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3. Tag along with a friend

I am always more confident when I have someone with me because it allows me to try new things without feeling uncomfortable. Being able to socialise and have someone to laugh and have fun with can be a lot more motivating. Sometimes when you are feeling tired, if the other person says they are going to exercise it can encourage you to tag along... or it does with me anyway.

4. Do what you enjoy, not whats in fashion

Everyone enjoys different ways of keeping fit weather it be swimming, weight lifting or running. Also if you are able to join classes you may find some really enjoyable. I love two classes at my gym which are HIIT and my friend loves swimming, if you find what you enjoy it is no longer a chore. Try out different things don't just do weight lifting because thats what seems to be the trend, find what is right for you. This may even be a sport.

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5. Get a personal trainer

I know these can be expensive but some trainers also do group classes of about 6-10 people which are cheaper than one on one and can be a massive help when getting started. I had a personal trainer a few years ago which got me into weight living as before that I was terrified to pick up a weight as I felt I didn't know what I was doing. My confidence when I go alone now is so much better and I have picked up some tips.

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6. Buy new gym clothes

I get so excited to wear new clothes, especially gym wear. If you feel comfortable and that you look good it makes you so much more confident. When you look good you feel good.

7. Create a playlist

Motivation improves so much with a good playlist. I don't like to weight lift with music however when I do cardio I need a bouncy playlist to keep me going. If you are someone who likes music constantly try and get some wireless headphones that way there is no wire in the way.

8. Have a goal

Don't make the goal "to look good" because if you are only going to the gym to look good it can become really un motivating. Try and have an 8 week goal, 6 month goal, 1 year goal etc. I make my goals things like "to be able to do 1 pull up within a year" and "to be able to do every exercise in my circuit class without having to stop". These are achievable and are something I can measure and progress. As someone who is quite slim my goal is overall strength which again is something measurable however someone who is larger may want to lose a pound each week. Goals are personal to you.