hey! welcome to my second playlist article! as i wrote in my last article, i'll be doing these at the end of each month, so stay tuned! (16 songs)

●the good side by Troye Sivan
●mystery of love by Sufjan Steves
●IRL by DYSN ft. Prelow
●good old days by macklemore ft. Kesha

beach, summer, and friends image sky, aesthetic, and grunge image

●red lights by Tiesto
●cali by Jutes
●hypercolour by Pretty ft. Che Ecru
●my my my! by Troye Sivan

universe, quotes, and tumblr image Mature image

●space song by Beach house
●this is me (from the greatest showman soundtrack
●lose it by Oh Wonder
●feel it still by Portugal the man

girl, moon, and hair image girl, shadow, and photography image

●why iii love the moon by Phony PPL
●space between us by Ellusive ft. Erene
●most beautiful ride by Kyo-Ken ft. MistaDC & Elujay
●this is what makes us girls by Lana Del Rey

girl image nirvana, grunge, and tumblr image

that's it! thank you for reading my article and i hope you like these songs!
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