my country: england

Superthumb city
why do y'all wanna come here so bad it's just rainy and cold

my zodiac sign: gemini (may 26th)

bicycle aesthetic
how fucking hard is it to find a pic of twins jfc

my personality: infp

Superthumb books

my style: comfy/boring

car bed

my favourite colour: black (like my soul) / red (like the blood of my enemies)

black fall aesthetic Superthumb

my favourite food: cheesy chips/cereal bars

food Superthumb
ik they're opposites but MMMMMMmmmmmMMMMmmm

my favourite drink: cranberry and raspberry tea/mocha frappé

mug coffee

my favourite animal: dogs/deer

Superthumb animal

my favourite book: saint death by marcus sedgewick

blood black and white Superthumb blood
a boy gambling to try and get his friends over the mexican border to america - this is i n c r e d i b l e

my favourite show: the end of the f***ing world

art aesthetic bleeding beach

my favourite song: this is home by cavetown

bed boy
it changes every day tho

i took inspo from two articles for this - check them out pls:

and take a look at a few collections of mine:

have a gr8 day!