Day 2: Make a list of 5 places you want to visit!

First place: Storybrooke

I love the tv show Once Upon A Time, and it takes place in Storybrooke. When I found out this was a real place that you could visit I knew I had to go there someday!

Image by emiliano23 once upon a time, storybrooke, and ️ouat image

Seconds place: London

I have always wanted to go to London, it just seems like one of those magical places to discover yourself. And I am actually finally going to London together with my two best friends in May this year!

girl and london image girl, alternative, and city image

Third Place: Romania

I have seen a few pictures from Romania, and I think that it looks just like you've entered a fairytale. I have always wanted to visit and old, huge and beautiful castle and I think that Romania is one of the places in the world where I can find one of those magical fairytale castles.

castle image aesthetic, snow, and transilvania image

Fourth place: Amsterdam

Amsterdam looks like one of the most magical places on earth, it just feels like it would be so cosy to walk down the street with the river next to you. You could take so many cute pictures there and I love the old houses!

amsterdam, nature, and travel image aesthetic, europe, and snow image

The final place: Disneyland

Haha I don't know if this counts? But I have such a dream of going to Disneyland, the closest one I have is in Paris. I am such a sucker for Disney and fairytales and I would do anything to go to Disneyland and experience the magic in real life.

disney, disneyland, and fireworks image balloons, childhood, and happiness image

See you all again tomorrow!