i know that
i shouldn't write this
i know that
i shouldn't do this
at least not to you

you are one of my best friends
it's crazy because it only took us
one fucking week
to get to know each other
and we have a lot in common

and I remember that you said
"I feel like I just found my other half"
you should know that
i was surprised as well
i've never met someone new
and became really close that quick

time went by
you told me that you like me
like not liked
cause you still like me until now
like not love
cause we both don't really have time for that
i don't want a relationship
and you also don't

we're just two teenagers
that want to have fun
and don't want to get involve
into love shit
because deep down
we know that it could ruin
our friendship

so we made a contract
we're allowed to have a physical contact
but we're not allowed
to have feelings for each other
it's forbidden

and if one of us starts
to have feelings for the other
then we need to stop
because we both know
it's for the best

we tell everyone that
we're just friends
and no one believes us
they said
it's impossible for
one boy and one girl to be just friends
we said
nothing is impossible

you told me last night
you're scared that you're going to hurt me
i saw you in the eye and said
don't be scared
because i won't have feelings for you

but you should know
when i told you that
trying to convince you
there's part of me screaming

"i probably will have feelings for you, not now but probably soon, but i won't show it so that you won't leave me"