Hey Hearters! It is pretty hard finding what to wear to a concert, you're wanting to look for an outfit that is unique am I right?Don't worry my loves I've got your backs! Here are my top 6 concert looks!
Happy Reading! <3 <3

Outfit Number One

- Over-sized T-shirt
- Caps
- Chokers
- Knee High Boots
- Shoulder Bag
- Hair put into curls (either loose or tight)
- Smokey Eye
- Hooped Earrings (either big or small)

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Outfit Number Two

- Bandeau Crop Top (any bandeau crop top will work)
- Ripped Denim Jeans, Skinny (make sure pants match with top)
- Adidas Superstars
- Bomber Jacket (any bomber jacket will do)
- Black Western Style Choker
- Silver Hoop Earrings
-Hair into Half Up Half Down with a bun on the crown (can be braided if you like)
- Makeup smoky eye using heat/dark red or maroon colours

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Outfit Number Three

- Cropped Sweatshirt
- Jeans with fishnets underneath
- Black Vans
- Hipster Glasses (the one that has no tints in like normal sunglasses
- High ponytail with strands of hair out like in the picture
- Sparkly eyeshadow

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Outfit Number Four

- Bralet (Bralet is worn under the sweater)
- Knitted Sweater (Try to get a sweater that is knitted and rests on one shoulder and slips off the other shoulder)
- Mini denim skirt (doesn't have to be ripped)
- Thick Black Belt
- Black Adidas Superstars
- Hair In Half Up Half Down with the Half Up part high into the crown (look at the picture)
- Triple Layered Necklaces
- Small Black Backpack
- Neutral Eye Makeup
- Rings!

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Outfit Number Five

- Fishnet shirt with a bra underneath
- High waisted Black leggings
- Nike runners grey
- oversized denim jacket
- Rings
- Gold Bracelets
- Hair into two dutch braids
- Sparkly and Light coloured makeup (eyes)

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Outfit Number Six

- Crop top (cropped at the chest area)
- Ripped Denim Jeans
- Camo Jacket
- Bandana wrapped around the hair and tied at the front
- Puma Shoes (like the ones in the photo)
- Long Necklaces
- Earrings
- Hair let out, wavy

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Hope you all enjoyed this article! Just a reminder you don't need to own these clothes if you have clothes in your closet that is similar then go ahead and use them! If you guys plan to use one of these outfit ideas make sure to tag me in your post!

Much Love,