hi !! this is my first article on we heart it. i've seen this challenge around the web and thought it would a cool way to start my account :) shoutout to the person who started this challenge! hope you enjoy this article.

✿ s t y l e ✿

vans, jeans, and style image converse, black, and grunge image adidas, asian, and outfit image fashion, outfit, and girl image
everyday i wear the same white converse with either jeans or sweatpants and nothing else. i also can never leave the house without my hoops. who would i be without them?

✿ c o l o u r ✿

pink, sunset, and sky image beach, purple, and summer image Copyrighted image sky, sunset, and aesthetic image
purple has always been my favorite colour alongside with sunset colours.

✿ p e r s o n a l i t y ✿

Clueless, daddy, and 90s image Alyssa, quote, and tv show image quotes, life, and full house image quotes, aesthetic, and friends image
i've always been that kind of person where i'll love someone so much more than they love me. i think i should care about life more and what it awaits for me and stop fucking around. but then again, i'm only in high school so fuck it.

✿ h o b b i e s ✿

book, girl, and black image friends, fun, and crazy image world, aesthetic, and grunge image car, palms, and tumblr image
i absolutely love reading (currently rereading harry potter) and i love traveling. friends and car rides are my literal escape from this sick reality.

✿ a n i m a l s ✿

adorable, puppy, and pomski image elephant, palmtree, and tumblr image canada, elk, and jasper image adorable, puppy, and pomski image
i love most animals but the ones i favour the most are pomskies, elephants, and the biggest gal in the deer family, elks

✿ f o o d ✿

sushi, food, and japan image food, burger, and cheese image food, cheese, and delicious image food and sushi image
i'm a sucker for sushi and fast food. plants are gross but i kinda have to deal with it if i want to be a skinny legend like mariah!!

✿ t e l e v i s i o n ✿

aesthetic, boys, and couple image
i love barry allen with all my heart
gif, emma swan, and captain swan image
i will stan captain swan forever :')
gif, one day at a time, and odaat image
the flash and once upon a time have always been my favourite shows. i am currently watching a netflix show one day at a time and i'm obsessed. i love so many shows i might have to make a separate article about it. (i definitetly will)

✿ m u s i c ✿

one direction image b&w and khalid image ariana grande, bang bang, and ariana image ed sheeran, guitar, and ed image black and white, billie eilish, and billie image tyler the creator image boys, fun, and guys image little mix, jesy nelson, and perrie edwards image
(no- i did not put one direction twice.) i listen to a wide variety of music on a daily basis, so my music style changes constantly. listening to music is honestly one of the best things ever like wow who knew someone's voice- or lyrics, could make me feel things i've never felt before? truly amazing.
milk, grunge, and aesthetic image

this is the end of the article! thank you for reading and i hope you enjoyed it ♥ xoxo.