Hey beautiful people!
I’m Hana and I need your help to make a difference in 45 people’s lifes.
Ok so I’m a high school senior and I only have 100 days to go till the end of school🎉! The thing is, lately I’ve been feeling very stressed and sad and I was starting to loose focus of my goals and I was getting very tired and absolutely done with school. But... when I talked to one of my friends I found out that she was having the exact same feelings and I thought that if both of us are feeling this way then others must too. So I decided to start this personal project that I call “Finish it in style” where I will try to brighten up my classmates’ day by putting random pictures, funny quotes, inspirational sayings on their table/lockers everyday. I figured that a simple small thing can make a huge change in someone’s mood. What i thought I could do is to pick out 5 pictures everyday and print 9 copies of each and then maybe buy little cute enveloppes and put them on peoples’ stuff next day. I WANT YOU TO HELP ME pick out these pictures, they can literally be ANYTHING as long as it’s not inappropriate. Send them to me in private even if its only one image, it’s already something, and hey! if you feel like doing the same in your school tell me maybe we can share our images. Thanks guys, just imagine being part of making someone else happy, how cool is that!