It´s unfair that you got away with it and now I have to pay for both of our mistakes.
It´s unfair that you moved on to being happy and in love secretly.
It´s unfair that I was treated differently for being submissive & innocent.
It´s unfair that I tried to help you in any way, but I didn´t succeed.
It´s unfair that you do the impossible for her, but not for me.
It´s unfair that I saw your dark side only and tried my best to stay.
It´s unfair that I wasn´t supported the way you both are.
It´s unfair that I put everyone before me, but recieved nothing but the raw truth.
It´s unfair that I was betrayed, and you were forgiven.
It´s unfair that I begged for things to change for nothing.
It´s unfair that it cost my reputation & relationship with my originators.
It´s unfair that I had to risk, hide and also lie.
It´s unfair that you looked like the hero.
It´s unfair that I was embarrassed.
It´s unfair that I felt unloved and used.
It´s unfair that I was humiliated and shattered.
It´s unfair that I had to begin my life again.
But in the end...
It´s fair, because I´m guilty, because it´s all my fault since I desperately searched for love where there wasn´t any [But at least I taught him to love..someone else].
I searched for love to no longer feel alone, I searched for love, knowing that I was young. That it never used to work out.
I searched for love with a broken heart, leaving more broken pieces of it, but the difference is that the pieces are more cold, & less solid.


Hey there! This is my first article..It´s pretty exaggerated but I love writing like that. I hope you enjoy it. Please let me know if you think I should write more articles, maybe shorter ones next time, haha.
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Izzy Moris