Hi, guys.


So I don't know why but Pizza makes me really Happy, like I'm just eating and the flavor it's
E V E R Y T H I N G to me in that moment.

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1. Pizza.

Well, this little guy (oops) makes me happy because he has always been supportive in somehow, I've been since the begining felt identified with him (probably because i'm the littliest and cutest one on my group of friends and i liked to wear vans and now adidas lol). So, seen him makes me feel like complete. There's no way I can feel sad if he's there. If I'm sad probably is because I really miss him. I need him so BAD. This is the only 1D member I'm bringing up in here because if I did mention all the list would be longer than 10 and I think, because my experiences and stuff, Louis is the most important to me right now.

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2. Louis Tomlinson.

No, I don't think I'm the kind of girl that is the whole day in the phone (... maybe I am but, I also appreciate the other stuff on my life). The reason because Wi-Fi makes me happy is because I like being online, not for chatting and forgeting the world exists (just a little bit, the world is fucked up), but sometimes when I'm bored it is there, when I have a doubt it is easy as just sreach on google. So, it is fucking amazing.

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3. Wi-Fi.

I'm not posting pictures of him because he wouldn't like me to do that, BUT I always say he kinda looks alike this guy (after a serious accident) so I'll post this pictures instead. So, Cris is great, we have known each other since I was like 12 (he was like 15), he gave me alcohol the first time, because he was drunk and he said "VODKA IS GOOD FOR YOUR BODY, TAKE A SHOT", so funny.
He is my man, he gives me weed when I'm stressed out. We were dating a long ago, but it didn't work out, we're great together but not as boyfriend&girlfriend. But we're okay like this. No drama.

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4. My male best friend.

So, I recently got into this. I have been embroidering so much, like, everything I can, and it's so relaxing, I just love it so much.

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5. Embroidery.

In all it forms, in my country there's much people that like Reggaeton and there's much that hate it. It is music anyway, so I don't care. Listening to music calms me, makes me feel better, makes me feel happy, gives me so many emotions at the same time.
At Day 1 of this challenge, I mentioned that I have a band and that I'm the lead singer, I think is fucking awesome to have one, because it distracts me from everything.

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6. Music.

So, Roses are probably so mainstream lately, but I have a good reason why roses makes me happy. A time ago, I broke up with probably the best girlfriend I ever had, so, I was really sad and depressed for it. I know, I broke up with her, but, I had a good reason and ANYWAY, I loved her. Suddenly my dad noticed it, so he gave me roses to "cheer me up". Everytime I see a rose, I remember it and it wAS SO BEAUTIFUL.

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7. Roses.

I'm not supperficial, but I enjoy too much seeing what they're selling, at what price, even if I don't buy anything, because I don't have the money to buy EVERYTHING I want, but just seeing it, for me it's so fun, it cheers me up for sure.

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8. Shopping.

I do enjoy to much this gummys. And with vodka they kill me. I just love them, there's no way I can be sad eating this thingys.

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9. Gummy Bears.

Reading is awesome. But I enjoy so much writing, whatever I'm writing, like, my feelings? that's just so great and I like it really much. It isn't an article to sponser and stuff, but if you haven't checked out my fanfiction NIGHTMARE, you should totally do, I think it is cool. Here's the link:

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10. Writing.

I hope you guys enjoyed this article as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Lots of love, Cat.