since i love pictures i decided this challenge is perfect for me, they talk more than words *wink wink*


dance, girl, and gif image girl, friends, and summer image 5sos, fangirl, and fangirling image dog, girl, and animal image
im goofy but always minding my own business. Even tho im not the happiest person i like to make others laugh and spread good vibes. I care about people, animals and the planet in general. And yes, i fangirl, a lot


nike, lips, and black image jeans, fashion, and coffee image shoes, nike, and white image yellow, aesthetic, and quotes image
it's simple (but effective lmao). I'm a biiig fan of sneakers and hoodies, i love all of them

Celebrity Crushes

brunette, girl, and Queen image chris brown and breezy image boy image girl, beautiful, and model image
i like a lot of celebrities and for diferent reasons, but these have been my faves since day 1 omg


camera, girl, and photography image Image by ds eye makeup, love it, and 🌺 image art, girl, and painting image
i live for fashion and painting/drawing. I also discovered not a long time ago that taking pictures and doing makeup makes me feel good


flowers, sunflower, and yellow image berries, black, and blue image
i LOVE yellow and orange and baby colours too


delicious, girl, and healthy image burger, fast food, and dinner image orange, yellow, and banana image milk, drink, and food image
since i became vegan i'm obsessed with vegan burgers (any kind, really) and almond milk, especially if its with coffee or chocolate

Book & Movie

book, quotes, and love image books, entertainment, and fall image caption, lady bird, and movie image lady bird, Saoirse Ronan, and timothee chalamet image


art, designing, and fashion image travel, map, and world image bed, body, and girl image couple, hand, and nature image
i always wanted to become a fashion designer and travel all around the world

thank you for reading!¡ 💛