Hi there! it has been a while since i've posted any of my original writing on here and the reason for that is simply that i got stuck.

I stopped writing altoghether because I couldn't find the inspiration to write something or i was scared it wouldn't be good enough; whatever the case, i always had an excuse not to write.

So coming back on here and seeing the new article feature, i figured the best way to get back into things would be to share the things that help me get my writing inspo:

  • Listening to Taylor Swift, particularly her old music. There's just something really magical about her lyrics and i truly love them.
  • Reading new books. When i feel like I've forgotten how to write, taking in other people's words always helps.
  • Watching movies/series with a plot that i find interesting and refreshing.

Most of all, it all boils down to soaking in creativity in order to be able to expell it. It really helps to look at/listen to things that get your gears turning. Whether that be music, books, art; all of that sparks inspiration.

Also being near passionate people or just hearing people speak about what they are passionate about and seeing that fire in their eyes really makes you want to get going yourself.


blue dress, vestido, and gold crown image

And Zoella

zoella and zoe sugg image

are two passionate people that i highly recommend following.

That will be all for this article, hope you guys enjoy, and until next time i'll leave you with this quote

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