If you looked inside me,
What would you find?
Would you think me beautiful,
Because I am kind?

Would you think me pretty,
Because I have a good heart?
Would you find me sexy?
Would you think me smart?

When I look inside me,
What do I find?
Do I think I am beautiful?
Do I find myself kind?

Do I think I am pretty,
Because I have a good heart?
Do I think I’m sexy?
Do I find myself smart?

This thing called self-love,
I have not yet quite learned.
You see, too many times,
In this life I’ve been burned.

It can sometimes be so cruel,
Savoring my countless flaws.
Is there self-love in this commotion,
Or can I love myself just because?

Where are you self-love?
Where have you gone?
Why do you elude me?
Are you in the coming dawn?

Are you in the moon or stars?
Will you be in the morning sun?
I’ve looked for you everywhere,
I guess now I am done.

I can’t seem to find you,
Where are you self-love?

© 2018 SJ Mullins