c is for crimson.

forest, aesthetic, and dark image grunge, neon, and blue image red and aesthetic image aesthetic, red, and dark image

a is for amber.

love, kiss, and quotes image orange, hands, and aesthetic image angel, sun, and yellow image orange, aesthetic, and light image

i is for ivory.

dress, fashion, and wedding image neon, bitch, and namaste image light, neon, and white image fashion, shoes, and white image

t is for teal.

blue, city, and city lights image aqua, teal, and blue image aesthetic, blue, and glow image art, blue, and glow image

l is for lime green.

Image removed green, paradise, and neon image green, neon, and plants image glow and green image

i is for indigo.

blue, dark, and glow image blue, neon, and aesthetic image blue, heart, and aesthetic image grunge, black, and blue image

n is for neon pink.

girl, pink, and light image pink, neon, and aesthetic image light, neon, and grunge image pink, city, and light image