hello loves :'), i have decided to start the thirty day writing challenge- sense i did not write an article yesterday i will be doing day one and two today.
i hope you loves enjoy this as much as i do

day one: introduce yourself

my name is naveen (n-Ah-veen), i am a biracial, hopeless romantic, feminist, girl who is trying to deal with all the shit life throws at her :')
i deal with anxiety and lack of conversation starters so thats that

day two: list 10 things that make you happy

1. rainy yet sunny days
2. the sound of a record starting
3. playing/other people playing the ukulele
4. sunlight through curtains that you can feel on your bed in the morning
5. when i make him laugh
6. watching sunsets
7. bike rides- accompanied by music
8. bath bombs
9. complimenting random people and seeing them smile
10. thrifting