I'm tired of everyone and everything surrounding me telling me what to do.

"Be a doctor."
"Get into a good college."
"Look pretty."
"Stop, you can't do those type of things."
"What are you doing? We don't associate with them."

What if I don't want to look like someone who wastes money to look nice but then end up with clogged pores. What if I don't want to go to college and just be happy and free. What if I want to make new friends that are nice. What if I want to do my own thing and try something new.

That's what doing the same things gets you. It gets you to wonder, wonder if there's anything else out there for you. It fuels the mind of the what ifs and I thinks. I've never been so emotionally frustrated knowing being sucked into a universe that was solely built by someone else was damaging, wasting a life worth of dreams, a soul with a job. Make a spark, make it grow, and make it spread for everyone to know you're different.

Don't let anyone tell you whatever you want to try is a can't. Never let anyone say you can't do this because you aren't qualified for it. People start from six feet under to get at a skyscraper level. People like you can start like that and be successful. A can't is a can not, and the only can't that's acceptable is that you can't accept someone's lies they feed. A can is universal, and an impossible is an I'm possible. The only impossible is that it's impossible for you to fail, as digging from the ground up will get you on levels to the highest it can go.

❝A spark that grows in flames indeed will grow strong and spread with the fuel of passion.❞ – yours truly