The Happy People Collab: Part 1

Picture this:
Outside school, behind the student crowd, you always see two best friends. Most of the time, one of them is playing a ukelele, the other one is singing.

They look happy. Are they? Yes. How do you know? You don´t. So, why don´t you ask them?

Well, I did. And their answer surprised me, for real.

What is happiness?

Happiness is not just smiling. Happiness is not just a word.

It could be everything or just nothing. It's so simple, and that's the reason why not everyone is happy.

Happiness is the best companion in life. Is being with the people you care the most about. When you don't want the moment to go away.

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It can be a feeling, a person or just a moment that you're living. So stupid, so dumb, but so pure.

Happiness is your favorite songs, your favorite bands, the series you watch, the art you create. It's your favorite sweater and enjoying all the little things in life, like a really good joke you just heard, or playing an instrument at 3:00 in the morning.

Happiness is being with the people you care the most, loving someone or something, like that song you just discovered, or your love interest, or even moments, when you're doing small things like talking or sharing a cigarette.

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Happiness isn't just ours, its from everybody. You can't be happy on your own, we all need something to be happy.

Sometimes happiness comes with a rainy day, sometimes a sunny day.

Happiness is not perfect, it´s contrast. Like when you get home and you see your pet, your mom, your dad, your siblings and grandparents; you know that you're not perfect. They're human and they made mistakes, but do you also know how much do you love them. Happiness is like that.

You don't need a perfect day, a perfect girlfriend, a perfect boyfriend or just a perfect life. You don't need anything and you have a lot of things, that's a reason to be happy.

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You can be happy without showing it, you just feel it. That joy, that excitement, all those amazing emotions. Happiness will always prevail amongst anything else.

And if you can make that somebody else feel happy, DO IT! The things you give all the things you receive. Happiness is just like that, it's all relative.

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Happiness, is everything.

Huge thanks to my friends, who helped me with this article:

Alfredo Arias: Happiness for me is what defines us as humans and what we must never lose, no matter how dark life can get.
Instagram: @justfreddo

Erick Ramírez: I can have the worst day ever, but all changes when I see my girlfriend and my friends; we smoke, we sing, we talk, we do everything or nothing. That's my happiness.
Instagram: @lerickallen

Maybe they´re not the superheroes they admire, but at least they make my world better.

Cover photo credit:
Vale Sánchez
Instagram: @valito_rey