I'm sure most of us love Makeup, but sometimes Makeup can be quite pricey, and this can make it hard to keep up with new makeup releases - or to just simply buy your favourite makeup products cause of how expensive they can be. But don't fret, cause in this article i'll show you where to find affordable high quality makeup!

✿ Wet N' Wild ✿

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Click the link if you wanna check out these cute brushes, that only cost $29.99 https://www.wetnwildbeauty.com/accessories/brush-roll-17-piece-collection.html

Wet N wild is the place to go to if you're looking for a high quality set of brushes. Not only are the designs of the brushes stunning, but the bristles are soft and easy to blend in product. Another amazing thing about Wet N wilds brushes is that they are cruelty free.

✿ Elf Cosmetics ✿

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Unfortunately the Elf face sponge is out of stock :(, but i'm sure they'll come back in stock soon https://www.elfcosmetics.com/total-face-sponge/84061.html?cgid=toolsbags-spongesapplicators#start=1

The original beauty blender is $20 - which is very pricey. If you don't want to spend all that money on a beauty sponge, you can buy yourself the Elf Cosmetics face sponge for only $4! This Elf Cosmetics face sponge really reminds me of the Real techniques makeup sponge (which is absolutely amazing!), cause they both have have rounded sides on the sponge - making it super easy & useful when blending in your makeup. The elf sponge also has a flat edge - which is great for contouring your nose and setting powder under your eyes.

✿ NYX ✿

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These matte liquid lipsticks only cost $6.50, check out the link here: https://www.nyxcosmetics.com/soft-matte-lip-cream/NYX_007.html

I love NYX, so much! their liquid lipsticks are so pigmented and the shade range is incredible; they're so many colours to choose from. The formula in their lipsticks is amazing, their liquid lipsticks are nice, soft and matte on the lips - and not too drying on the lips. Their lip liners are perfect as well.

✿ Maybelline ✿

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This mascara only costs $8.49, check out the link here: https://www.maybelline.com/eye-makeup/mascara/volum-express-the-colossal-big-shot-washable-mascara/very-black

If you're looking for a mascara that does not smudge, that is waterproof and makes your eyelashes look nice and bold, then you need to try out the Maybelline big shot mascara!

✿ Colourpop ✿

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Colourpops eyeshadow palettes are priced from $12 - $20, check them out here: https://colourpop.com/collections/palettes

Colourpop is the place to go to if you're looking for high quality eyeshadows! they've really been releasing amazing eyeshadow palettes that i believe you should all check out. There are a variety of palettes that cater to people that love everyday looks and also people that love a bold, statement, dramatic look. I also recommend that you try out their liquid lipsticks - the'yre nice and affordable, and very pigmented. Their highlighters are also the same quality as other mega highend brands.

✿ L'oreal Paris ✿

Image by L'Oréal Paris
If you wanna check out this amazing $12.99 foundation, click the link here: https://www.lorealparisusa.com/products/makeup/face/foundation-makeup/infallible-pro-matte-foundation.aspx?shade=classic-ivory-101

If you've got oily or dry skin, then you can either choose the L'oreal infallible pro-matte or the L'oreal infallible pro-glow depending on your skin type, e.g. dry or oily skin. This foundation has a great coverage, its lightweight and is long-wearing.

✿ Milani Cosmetics ✿

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Check out this beautiful $9 rose powder blush here: https://www.milanicosmetics.com/collections/blush/products/rose-powder-blush

Not only does this blush look beautiful, but its also a perfect blush to use because its very pigmented. The texture of this blush is creamy and glides on smoothly on the skin.

✿ Makeup Revolution ✿

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You can find this $7 concealer here: https://www.revolutionbeautyusa.com/en/Concealer/c-15.aspx

This is the new go-to concealer! everyone has been raving about this concealer and its the new replacement of the tarte shapetape concealer (bye tarte lol!). This conealer is lightweight, full coverage, and it blurs the appearance of pores and finelines.

That's all for today, loves! i hope you enjoyed this article - see you next time!


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