A - Aqua

sea, ocean, and water image summer, girl, and turquoise image plants, turquoise, and blue image wallpaper, ocean, and blue image

B - Baby Pink

pink, quotes, and pure image Image removed pink, evian, and pastel image flowers and pink image

C - Cream

love, quotes, and forget image food, aesthetic, and cookie image shadow, brown, and tumblr image aesthetic, beige, and brown image

D - Denim

fashion, blue, and pablo image jeans, blue, and tumblr image city, boy, and blue image california, theme, and style image

E - Emerald

green, statue, and nature image crystal, aesthetic, and green image green, waves, and aesthetic image snake, green, and aesthetic image

F - Fucshia

pink, wallpaper, and smoke image pink, balloons, and sky image fushia, heart, and rose image pink, candy, and sweet image

G - Ghost White

black, boy, and difficult image white, bed, and wallpaper image white, aesthetic, and architecture image white, ghost, and aesthetic image

H - Honey

honey, yellow, and aesthetic image yellow, honey, and aesthetic image yellow, quotes, and lovely image yellow and aesthetic image

I - Indigo

grunge, sea, and tumblr image Image by 😇😇😇 blue and light image red, aesthetic, and dark image

J - Jade

flowers, water, and nature image quotes, sport, and gender image crystal, green, and wallpaper image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

K - Khaki

books, green, and wolry image forever21, jacket, and life image green, yeezy, and theme image theme, green, and clothes image

L - Lilac

indie, lilac, and theme image book, pastel, and pink image purple, aesthetic, and lilac image brian, holographic, and lavender image

M - Maroon

theme, quotes, and shatter me image berries, grunge, and maroon image black, dark, and maroon image red, locker, and aesthetic image

N - Navy Blue

blue and aesthetic image blue, theme, and ocean image Image removed blue, aesthetic, and velvet image

O - Ochre

Image by alina Image by mattamanga girl image love, couple, and boy image

P - Peach

bigbang, g-dragon, and gd image abstract photography, peach, and peachy image theme image peach, skies, and sky image

Q - Quartz

pink, crystal, and pastel image pink, aesthetic, and peachy image no, pink, and soft image pink, crystal, and background image

R - Robin Egg Blue

blue, bubblegum, and music image Image by your friend isa Image by your friend isa Image by your friend isa

S - Scarlet

hipster, indie, and vintage image red, sweater, and gryffindor image gryffindor, red, and aesthetic image red, aesthetic, and sweater image

T - Tangerine

orange and mandarin oranges image orange image orange, aesthetic, and car image aesthetic, orange, and orange aesthetic image

U - Ultraviolet

city, purple, and light image light and purple image hands, black, and stars image purple, light, and sky image

V - Viridian

nature, road, and forest image green, girl, and hair image green, dark, and statue image nature, pale, and plants image

W - Wheat

quotes, aesthetic, and you image aesthetic, beige, and window image beige, brown, and aesthetic image cat, animal, and aesthetic image

X - X-ray Grey

x-ray image Image removed brain image musica image

Y - YouTube Red

love, red, and quotes image red, aesthetic, and lightning image aesthetic, angel, and dark red image red, aesthetic, and heartbreak image

Z - Zebra

zebra, animal, and black&white image grey image chanel, white, and wallpaper image Image by Con`s

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