I've seen many of these articles and I think why not do it.

A: Aqua

travel, blue, and iceland image summer, beach, and tropical image nature, water, and summer image blue, ice cream, and summer image

L :Lavender

crystal, pink, and purple image claws, coffin, and glitter image flowers, water, and rose image aesthetic, flowers, and purple image

I: Inchworm

app, candy, and cotton candy image green, grunge, and light image ice cream, food, and green image Image by kATpC

C: Crimson

red, aesthetic, and paint image forest and dark image red, lollipop, and aesthetic image red, aesthetic, and satin image

I: Icterine

yellow, ice cream, and cafe image yellow, food, and ice cream image yellow, pastel, and candy image nails and yellow image

A: Abricot

aesthetic image fruit, orange, and food image eye, makeup, and orange image clothes, fashion, and summer image