Hey Folks !

I'm getting bored so here I am doing that this I've seen around.

Hope you'll enjoy !

So my name is Chloe.

C - Camouflage Green

back, hair, and model image camouflage, phone, and pose image supreme and style image fashion, girl, and style image

H - Han Purple

photography, korea, and lights image buildings, city lights, and city night image purple and neon image Temporarily removed

L - Lemon

lemon, orange, and yellow image starbucks, love, and food image girl, yellow, and beach image yellow, bike, and aesthetic image

O - Orange

fruit, papaya, and food image orange, fruit, and food image orange, smoke, and boy image autumn, leaves, and beautiful image

E - Ecru

fashion and style image fashion, pink, and style image shoes, fashion, and heels image rope and white image