We, teenagers of this age, we have to deal with something, what is determined maybe by the genetic information, laziness, upbringing, education, claims or whatever you can imagine. I don't know exactly if children/teenagers in last century did not know it or it just wasn't so famous disease. Now, many people around 13-19 years old have to deal with depression, anxiety and much more issues. Sometimes it's caused by family, friends, school, sometimes it just happens even if the sick one has visibly a good life. Some people are strong and they can make it better or at least not worse. Some people are not. These wretched individuals are able to do anything to make themself feel better, but they choose the wrong way. Let's say I am the one who is not enough strong (just theoretically). I don't have to be a teenager, maybe I am an adult person, because it can happen to anyone. I can't cope with my depression, I can't bear all the stress, nervosity, anxiety, sadness, feeling useless. So I decide to make a suicide, because nothing else, like hurting to cover up the soul pain by the physical pain, has helped. I feel like noone on this planet needs me, wants me and even if I know that there is at least one person who loves me or likes me, it's not enough for me to want to stay alive living still the same boring, hurting, senseless life. But you know what happens? Some day, when I'm firmly decided to end my life, I meet someone, who smiles at me, some old man, who doesn't know me and I don't know him, and says how nice day it is, because the sun is shining, the water in the stream we are looking at glitters and flows so calmly and anything else what I can appreciate. And at that moment I realize again how I love my life even if I hate it. The day when I wanted only to stay in my bed thinking how I will "go away" changed to the day when I'm smiling and even laughing and I want to stay alive.
I'm just telling you, you can keep someone alive only by one nice smile and saying what the one you've met can appreciate in his life. Don't force him to think about it or to be happy if you see that he's sad and probably deeply broken. Just smile at him, tell him that the coat or shoes he's wearing are cool and tell him about all the stuffs you like on that moment. Maybe you will open his eyes, maybe it won't help, but always try! It CAN help. And it can also prevents these people from hurting themselves. This is not only about suicide, this is about making people feel better.