Let me start by saying that depression is very serious, is not like a flu that comes back and goes away. And what makes me mad is seeing a lot of people claiming they are depressed when clearly they are not.

You can't just claim you're depressed when you're bored, or when you got a broken heart. You can be depressed because of a broken heart, but not all of them have to make you depressed, what you feel it's called sadness! And it makes me very angry when people confuse it, because it's a serious issue that a lot of people have to face it everyday.

My Story

No, i didn't battle with depression. But i did use to self-harm, five years ago, i was in a dark place, but i never consider myself being depressed, because i always knew that it's a really serious issue. And yes i did search for some symptoms, and i couldn't relate to a lot of them. I was in fact in a dark place and my mind and thoughts were not healthy, i really didn't care if i died or not, but everything was fine when i was with friends. I didn't think about anything, just about having fun with them. The problem was when i was alone. If you're really depressed, you start to loose interest on going out with friends, and i did not feel that.

My battle with self-harm ended when something happened, and i started crying my eyes out, and found myself looking for a blade everywhere, i had thrown them out so i could stop myself, and when i realised what i was doing i just stopped and cried. Since then i never came back to the old days. I do feel sad sometimes like most people, and i still can't be by myself for too long with nothing to do because some thoughts are not the nicest.

Long Story Short

If you do suffer from depression, i'm so sorry that some people think it's some kind off joke. You'll get thru that, try finding something you really like and set a goal, keep your mind busy, don't ever let you or anyone tell you that you can't do it!

And if you're one of those who cry once and are instantly depressed, please go fuck yourself.

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