My first article was about me, so you could cognize the person behind the screen. This one is going to be about something I LOVE SO MUCH: TV Shows!
I'm going to recommend you five incredible TV Shows, and I really hope you like it, because all of them are my little babies SZ (get used to this heart, I'm going to use it a lot)


If you never heard of Friends, really in what world do you live? This show is amazing and certainly, one of the best of all time. The episodes only last twenty minutes, and it's a sitcom, so you'll get addicted on the first minute you watch (even though the first episode was the beggining of everything, what means it's not the best, but it's still good)!

ice cream, tv show, and 90’s image friends, Joey, and chandler image friends, Jennifer Aniston, and monica geller image friends, coffee, and central perk image

Friends is about six friends' lives in New York and their romance interests, family, problems, jobs, etc. It all starts when Rachel leaves her fianceé on the altar, 'cause she's not ready to get married, and end up meeting with Monica, her high school friend.


OMG, if you like teen and fantasy stuff, this show is perfect for you! Teen Wolf doesn't remain on that cliche vampire-werewolf thing, it goes a lot deeper on mythology. Banshees, kitsunes, kanimas, you'll find anything on this show.

teen wolf and season 6 image teen wolf, tyler posey, and holland roden image teen wolf, tyler posey, and dylan o'brien image wolf and tyler posey image
Scott is a teenager who's ignored by everybody in school, except his best friend, Stiles. One day, Scott and Stiles will look for some dead body in the woods and Scott gets bitten by a werewolf. Suddenly, everybody starts to pay attention on him. And there's this new girl, Allison, whose family are werewolf hunters. Guess who Scott gets interested on? Exactly!


Yes, kinda cliche, but GUYYYYS, this TV Show is awesome too! It's full of mythology and it spreads a very important message: how to deal with loss.

the vampire diaries, vampire, and tvd image paul wesley, ian somerhalder, and the vampire diaries image tvd, the vampire diaries, and stefan salvatore image the vampire diaries, stefan, and Nina Dobrev image
The Vampire Diaries tells the story of Elena, a girl who just lost her parents. She is trying to deal with her loss when she meets Stefan Salvatore, the new boy in school. He is mysterious and what makes Elena so interested on him is the fact both of them write on journals. But Stefan has a secret: he's a vampire, and so does his brother, Damon.


Riverdale is a brand new series inspired by 'Archie Comics'. It's on its second season and it's so good, and very mysterious too. You will love it!

riverdale image cole sprouse, madelaine petsch, and riverdale image cole sprouse, madelaine petsch, and riverdale image black, open, and opening image
Jason Blossom got murdered on July 4th and nobody knows who killed him. Riverdale, in fact, is not concentrated on Jason, but on the people around him: his twin sister, his girlfriend's sister, the weird boy, the new team captain, the new girl in town... And there's the mystery of "who killed Jason Blossom?", that's really interesting and shocking. When I discovered who it was, my mouth got open for like four minutes.


This spanish TV Show is one fo the best EVER! OMG, it got me so addicted and it has a completely different vibe from usual police drama show.

la casa de papel image la casa de papel, series, and netflix image la casa de papel image la casa de papel image
Everything starts when a professor decides to invite eight thieves for the biggest robbery in history: to rob the Mint of Spain. These thieves spend five months learning everything they need to know for this robbery. But when the moment comes, somethings go wrong here and there.

That's it, guys! This was the first part, and if you like these kind of contents, let me know by hearting (is this verb correct?) and reacting!
Just for you to know, I watch more than twenty TV Shows, in other words, lots and lots of articles like this!

Hope you liked and "see" you next post!

P.S: If there are any mistakes, I'm sorry, english is not my first language.
P.S. 2: my favorite from all TV Shows is Friends, so it would mean the world to me if you start to watch this masterpiece!
P.S 3: I wrote all of the sypnosis in here based on my knowledge about the shows.