It`s been a while since i wrote my last article but lately i`m not really creative when it comes to writing.
Well today i decided to write something about how your life is full of plot twist. Like you have no idea what is going to happen in the next 5 minutes and how you take everything for granded but let me tell you one thing, one day your on a christmas vacation and having the best time of your life, and the other day you are suddenly in hospital and having the most stressful time of your life (my experience).

But isn´t this what life is about? I mean how boring would it be if you´re just living the same day over and over? And what i like the most about these plot twist is, that of course they turn my world upside down but without them i would never be able to appreciate the good days i have in my life.

So what I´m trying to say is, even if you´re having a time in you´re life where everything seems to go wrong, always remember that there will be a time where you´ll be the happiest person for a moment and who knows maybe this time will be tomorrow?