Did you know I once told my friends you’re an idiot?
Did you know I said I hated you?
Can you believe those words came out of my mouth?
Can you believe I didn’t want to want you?
No, actually, can you believe I still don’t?
You are like my shadow and as long as I'm alive, you’ll be there
But we keep meeting at the wrong place, at the wrong time
Letting stupid mistakes pull us apart when we both know
We keep coming back
Because you are a part of me
And I can’t bare the thought of not catching your eye in the hallway, not being able to talk to you or not even knowing your name
I don’t even want to think of what would’ve happened if I let that little voice inside me convince me not to say hello, not to grab your hand, not to get close to that nice handsome guy
“He won’t like you” she said
“Don’t you dare say hello” she said
But I wasn’t listening anymore
I'd already gotten lost in your eyes
In the depths of what became my greatest addiction: you
Friends, that’s what we are
Nope, boyfriend and girlfriend apparently
Hold up, no friends. Friends it is
No! Stop! Boyfriend
No, friends
Make up your mind
Wait, no, I'll do it for you
I decided you don’t get to choose anymore
You made me bleed, now you want to add more scars and you think you’ll have a say?
Well, I say you’re out
Game over, you lost, get out
‘Cause I'm not putting up with this anymore
I have learnt that pain is inevitable, but it doesn't have to last forever
And if… when I let you go I'll be just fine
I'll be better than fine
I won’t be a something you drag around anymore
So, I'm sorry friend, boyfriend, acquaintance, stranger
Whatever the hell you are;
Go find another doll
‘Cause I'm a big girl now
And I don’t play with toys