Depressed i was, broken down ,trying hardly to act strong like i always do; dark circles under my eyes , i didn't even know what clothes i was wearing or how i'm i putting my make up on , all that mattered back then is me being there, in the faculty of medicine ,waiting for You , thinking of how hard i should study during the rest of the days as not to fail , and repeat the year ,due to the low grades i got in the first semester ; You showed up and you were kind of running in the stairs of the lecture hall and everyone in there was looking curiously to see you ,so did i , though i couldn't get a clear picture ; till you finally reached the desk hold up the microphone and said :" Bonjour tout le monde " .
My professor of physiology , it was the first time to all of us, first year medical students to know such science called physiology, you started talking and it was suddenly clear, lecture after lecture the biological functions were getting clearer... i remember every single word you said, because to me you were teaching me life ; i felt that was blind before , how did i never cared about the details of how our body works ? i never liked details , but you gave them to us so clear that i fell in love with this extraordinary system i have living with my whole life ; it became an addiction for me , your lecture ,your voice , your scientific jokes ,you...
i started to record the lectures and listen to them later ,laugh at the same jokes at 02:00 am , and ;i fell in love with you.
your lectures made perfect sense and for that you were and still ,the definition of a perfect man to me, now i'm in my 2nd year ; you teach a chapter and then another teacher comes for the second and then you come again and i swear to god that when your chapter's is about to end i feel an indescribable ache in my heart and i get real sad , , i know it's wrong i know i shouldn't feel this way it's just ...happened's an involuntary act towards seeing perfection ,.i truly do hope to find someone like you.