Hello my dear "Heart-readers", today I bring for you a small list with some very simple tips to contribute our grain of sand for the care of our city, our country, our planet. I know that many times we are distracted or in some cases, lazy. But I have practiced these tips for quite some time and believe me, the difference is great and wonderful. Please, think of us and of future generations; let's leave them a beautiful planet so they can enjoy it as much as we do now ...

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Remember that the planet will appreciate each of our care.

Tips to see a happy earth planet:

1. We can use this reused water to water the plants, wash our cars and / or exteriors of our homes.

2. Our plants need care to grow a lot and beautiful, and a very useful advice, is to spray them at night or in the morning very early so they can hold the water longer and it does not evaporate quickly.

3.Although we are not charging our cell phones, computers or other electronic devices, the chargers remain connected while consuming energy unnecessarily. So whenever we finish using these elements, we should remove them from the plugs, please.

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4. It is worth remembering that we have a glass or plastic cup always in our hand wash, so we can collect a little water and use it to brush our teeth instead of keeping the tap open while doing this activity.

5. Buy saving or LED bulbs, have a lower cost than traditional bulbs and consume less electricity

6. This may sound funny, but I do it and greatly reduces water consumption. When you see that the weather is about to rain, take the opportunity to lather your cars and let the rain water work. It is easy and you will have the same result.

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7. Reuse as much as possible the sheets of paper. Think that if we just give them one use and waste them, hundreds of trees will soon disappear.

8. High! And do not use plastic bags or leave them lying on the street, these bags take years to decompose and meanwhile, damage our rivers, seas and forests. Instead, use paper and cloth bags in your purchases, these can be used again and again in all kinds of purchases you make.

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9. Do you know what is beautiful? Have the initiative to plant from a small cactus, to a tree that will become giant over time. Today there are many campaigns for people to have the opportunity to plant a seed and thus give "new airs" to the planet. Look for these organizations in their respective countries and encourage them to leave a small footprint.

10. Do not make bonfires in mountains, parks or forests and if they do, please with responsibility. The forest fires are a terrible catastrophe, all our trees, flowers and fauna are damaged, we end up with a little part of the terrestrial "lung".

Soon I will upload another article with other easy tips of great help for our planet earth. Thanks for reading and for contributing to the care of our home

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— Love, Angela♡