As we know the skin in very delicated. It needs to be wash everyday and also you have to take care of it.
It is said that make up isn’t good for the skin because it doesn’t let the pores breathe. Well it is partly true but not completly. Actually make up protect the skin for the dusk. Obviusly you have to remove all the make up before you go to bed because if not you skin will be greasy and will produce more spots.
So today i’m going to talk about what i do to take care of my skin.
In case of you have a sensitive skin don’t you worry, so do i and every products i’m going to talk about are for sensitives ones.

1. Wash you face with water.

It’s very important to wash your face every time you arrive from the Street and also when you are going to hung out because it will refresh your skin.

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2. Wash your face twice a week with a cleansing foam.

Personally i use the cleansing from of Shiseido (range pureness) because it doesn’t make my skin produce grease.

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3. Twice a week use a silky purifying.

It will leave your skin feeling soft. I use the silk peeling poder from Sensai (Kanebo)

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4. Put some cream after you use the cleansing foam.

So your skin will be more hydratated. I use the skin balancing mattifying moisturiser from Medik8. It is an especial cream to greasy skin.

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5. Use a fluide hydratant before you put your make up on.

Personally i’m not a big fan of primers because they leave my skin so greasy so i use an especial one from Shiseido also from the range pureness.

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It’s very important to wash your face before you go to bed because during the night the skin expels gras and also regenerate.

Hope you like it!

Am xx