“Morning is an important time of day, because how you spend your morning can often tell you what kind of day you are going to have.”
― Lemony Snicket, The Blank Book

1. Prepare
Preparing is honestly the key to the perfect morning.

Q: What Should I Prepare?
If tomorrow is a school/work day; prepare your outfit! * usually i prepare mine on the weekends for the week, but you can do this every night.

Prepare your school/work bag ; making sure everything you need tomorrow is already set is such a relief specially in the mornings, am i right?

2. Plan
take of 10 minutes of your night to plan for tomorrow.

Q: What Should I Plan?
Thankfully this depends on what your routine and life style is. but i'll list you was i usually plan.

Plan your breakfast ; yes! you heard me right, i plan what i eat for tomorrow and check if we have it in the kitchen, so i spare myself the time in the morning, and you know.. checking will help because if you planned without checking and then it turned out you don't have what you plan for will change it form the best morning to the worst morning trust me.

Plan your day ; waking up knowing that _you know exactly what will happen today is so important, especially if you have anxiety.

3. Foods and Drinks
Do not eat or drink at least 2 hours before you go to sleep ; i learned this the hard way. I'd eat and sleep right after and then i'd have the worst morning ever filled with stomachache and the feeling of throwing up.

4. Cleanse and MoisturizeA great tip is to cleanse, tone, and moisturize your face and moisturize (or oil) your body, it just shown that you'll feel softer in the mornings besides you'll have a great skin. and don't forget to brush your teeth!

5. Sleep Early
So you can wake up early without the need for an alarm, but if you have school/work i advise you to set an alarm just in case.

6. Wake Up!!
lol you won't have a perfect morning if you didn't wake up
jk that was dark sorry

7. Drink Water
Drinking water is so important for so many reasons one of them is your body needs to hydrate
Also your skin will be more glowy, healthy and awake.
and if you hate water by any reason, you can add fruits or mint in it, it'd taste and smell so good!

8. Cleanse and Moisturize, AGAIN

9. Tea \ Coffee
specially in winter, a cup of tea or coffee wi;; warm up your body and wake you up.

10. Stay Away From Social Media
Staying aways from social media or your phone is great for your mental health, and in general .. taking a time for yourself is so comforting and healthy. unless you have to check for important emails from work, your phone can wait.

11. Eat Breakfast
Make sure your breakfast is healthy and rich of all the nutritions your body needs.

12. and finally : Workout (yoga)
If you still got time before you head out for work or school. Going for a run or walking your dog is always a good idea, also yoga is calming and relaxing.

Alright love ya boss babes, mwah xx