Hey girls and boys, I'm very happy because I received my letter for Hogwarts but before I must answer to challenge.

Hogwarts House

hogwarts blue blue harry potter
Ravenclaw: Creative, sharp-minded, witty and clever

Ilvermorny House

aesthetic suitcase harry potter Superthumb
Thunderbird: Soul and adventurers


animal animal Superthumb Superthumb


harry potter harry potter daniel radcliffe harry potter
Holly wood with a thunderbird feather core "12 1/2" and relatively flexible

Favorite Subject

book aesthetic expecto patronum Superthumb
potion, astronomy, private lesson with Professor Lupin and divination

Favorite Spell

harry potter emma watson book gif
Lumos,obliviate and expecto patronum

Favorite professor

chocolate aesthetic aesthetic animal
Remus Lupin

Favorite Female Character

Superthumb Superthumb blonde Superthumb
Luna Lovegood

Favorite Male Character

chess harry potter harry potter autumn
Ron Weasley is perfect


animal aesthetic black and white bird
a crow

Favorite Magical Creature

Superthumb dragon animal dragon
Dragon is a very beautiful creature

Favorite Place in Hogwarts

harry potter book aesthetic harry potter
Library and the Hogwarts express