Hello, Amazing people, how are you? I hope well. Well, today I came to write about the 30 Days Song Challenge since I love music, why not?
And guys I have to say that I love the amazing support and heart's that you give me, this helps me so much because since I start writing I start being more confident with myself and start love writing for you, so Thank you and Thank you again.

Here we go:

ºDay 1: A song you like with a colour in the title.

Blue by Troye Sivan.

troye sivan, blue neighbourhood, and music image

Guys I have to say that in the begin I hated that song so much, but after I start to have some feeling for this song, and now is one of my best faves song, because have such chill vibe, and is amazing for when is cold and you can stay in bed for the whole day.

So If you're reading this Thank you so much for your amazing support and give me your precious time, I hope that you have an amazing night or day (I don't Know). BYE