Hello hearters from all over the world! :)

I live in Budapest, Hungary, and I love love love my country! Especially my mother tongue, which is unique, varied and sounds amazing. Let me share with you 5 Hungarian words that I find beautiful both in sound and in meaning. I hope you'll like it! :)

1. Csók

  • pronounciation: like 'chalk' without an 'L'
  • meaning: kiss
love, kiss, and couple image

2. Álom

  • pronounciation: something like 'aalom' with a closed, darker 'a'
  • meaning: dream
girl, clouds, and white image

3. Csillag

  • pronounciation: 'chillag'
  • meaning: star
love, stars, and galaxy image

4. Szeretlek

  • pronounciation: something like 'seretlek' :)
  • meaning: I love you
love and wood image

5. Életöröm

  • pronounciation: this one is a hardcore! :D 'eeletoeroem' or something like that, still better than megszentségteleníthetetlenségeskedéseitekért which is an existing word too
  • meaning: joy, zest for life
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Well, that was it for today, I hope you liked it! If you copy+paste the words in Google Translator, it will help with pronouncing them.

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See you in the next article, have a fantastic weekend! :)