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After all these articles about what you need to have in your wardrobe only based on mainstream style, I decide to create a serie of article about the different items prevalent in alternative styles, how they are usually worn, and how to get them.
I did one about rock style, one about grunge style, and now we are here to talk about punk style.

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Punk was born in United Kingdom in the 70s as a protest and rebellion thing. So everything in punk style go to the opposite of what is considerated appropriate. Rebel, wild, fancy, artsy and provocative, it's all about express yourself and don't care about rules and what people think.

leather jacket

anarchy, black and white, and rebel image jacket, bones, and skeleton image jacket, leather jacket, and metal image black, punk, and jacket image

Punk (music, ideology, style,...) is pretty close than rock, so just like in rock style, leather jacket is a basic. But here, there is no traditional black perfecto. In fact there is nothings traditionnal in punk style. You can choose any shape of leather jacket, your jacket just need to be unique. Add things like patchs or showpiece, stud and safety pin.
This is not cheap at all. In fact, it's pretty expensive, butd it will last for years.
You definitly can't find it in mainstream clothe's shop. Search in specialized store, thrift shop, or in internet.


girl, grunge, and black image rock image fashion, black, and outfit image hair, black, and red image

You can wear what ever you want to. It can be a simple black shirt, a band's shirt, a flannel shirt, a pink my little pony shirt... Whatever you want to realy. The important thing here is wearing something YOU realy like. Belive me a barbie shirt on a punk outfit can look sooo badass. But remember, the aim here is express YOURSELF and look as unique as you are. That's also why you can customize your shirts.


punk image shorts, style, and black image rose, black, and lace image straight black hair, black combat boots, and military pants image

Leather, denim, ripped jeans, military pants, customized pants, tartan pants, asymmetric. Unusual and unique pieces you like.
Once again I doubt you can find it in mainstream shops.


grunge, black, and outfit image Image by Angry-young-and-poor grunge, punk, and alternative image fashion, skirt, and black image

If you like skirts, wear it. No matter what kind of skirt. Even if you think it's not a "punk skirt" wear, cause you get it, more unique and unconventional it is, the better it is. But if you have no idea which skirt wear here some exemple of popular skirt in punk style :
- tartan skirt
- denim customized skirts
- black, yellow, green and blue ones are the most wildspread


Image by Aidee Lozano pantyhose, stockings, and studs image fashion, skinny, and black image grunge, indie, and hipster image

Ripped, fishnet, fancy, anykind you like, don't be afraid to look "offset".


shoes, girl, and boots image Image removed converse, all star, and black image boots image

Once again wear all the shoes you want and like, even if you think there are not "punk shoes". If you need some help to begin here is some shoes you see a lot in punk style :
- combat boots
- convers
- boots
- high heels
- wedges
The little detail that makes everything : if you wear sneaker like convers for exemple, wear two shoes of different colors.

stuff to customize

metal, punk, and rock image ramones, sex pistols, and punk image spikes, alternative, and clothing image diy, safety pin, and wings image

Everything you can add on clothes :
- pins
- patch
- safety pin
- stud
- showpiece
- pieces of tissue
- chains
- medals
- pearl
- plectrum
- jewel
etc, etc...


fashion, jacket, and leather image emo, girl, and goth image girl and grunge image beautiful, black, and grunge image

Very used in the "old" punk style, as a kind of provocation to the tradition of the punk movement's original country , you can find tartan in all shapes and all colors.

superposition and transparency

Image by Darkie Black fashion, grunge, and black image black, fashion, and red image goth, black, and dark image

In this style we are always looking for unconventional exuberant and unique, that's why we use to play with superposition and transparency. Thanks to this you can create unique and beautiful outfits with endless possibilities.

hair style

punk image cornrow braids, purple, and mohawk hairstyles image grunge, girl, and hair image gauges, girl, and red hair image

Remember when I said : "Everything in punk style go to the opposite of what is considerated appropriate. Rebel, wild, fancy, artsy and provocative, it's all about express yourself."
When we apply this state of mind to the hair style, we can create real masterpiece completely crazy.
Dare the color if it's your thing : red, orange, pink, purple, green, blue, ...Do it.
Obviously, not all punks have colored hair. You can keep your natural color or prefer blond, brown or black dyeing, there is no problem.
Bold shapes like braids, shave parts, crest, etc are super cool to try and it's an emblematic thing of punk style. But obviously, remember that you don't have to fit ! punk style, is about what YOU like to do and to be yourself, so if you like commun hair style with a commun color it's fine.

body modification

piercing image Abusive image tattoo image piercing, earrings, and ear image

Once again it's all about express yourself, but you don't have to get tattooed or have a piercing to be punk. You gonna see a looooooooot of punks with it however.

nail polish

black, nails, and claws image autumn, chanel, and fashion image art, beautiful, and blue image nails, orange, and neon image

Classic black, sassy red, satured color, neon polish, one different color on each nail ? Do whatever your want, you are free.


the runaways, dakota fanning, and movie image lips, makeup, and red image Image by ☾𝕲𝖗𝖎𝖒𝖎𝖑𝖉𝖊☽ hair, black, and makeup image

Be bold, don't be afraid of looking too dramatic because honey, punk style is dramatic.


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Just like I said in the rock style article :
The attitude is what will realy make you look like a punk. You can wear all the stuff I talked, if you don't have the attitude you just gonna look disguised. So this is what a punk attitude looks like :
- be confident
- don'tgive a s**** what people think
- say loudly your opinion
- be yourself
- don't follow rules
- think by yourself
- stend up
- be a rebel
- be wild
- be a badass


As the punk mouvement begin also with music, I suggest you to listen punk music to realy be on the mood. Here is some cool articles about punk playlist to help you :

And this is the end of this article. Thank you for reading it, I hope you liked it.
If you have an idea to a next "alternative style" articl message me :)

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