Hi sweet readers,
I'm back to give you some advice, that for me work wonderfully, to survive in the winter period. Hope you like it!


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Which is the better way to not feel our skin dry during the day? Obviously: moisturize! I reccomend the brand 'Neutrogena'.


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I always put it on my hands before going to bed, because I live in a quite cold town, and my hands literally slit easily.


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The hands, the body, the face... even just with a scarf on it, but don't go out bare! We don't want to be sick.


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The best way to feel warm and at home! <3


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Just turn up the volume and feel free to dance and sing in your cold sweater with your hot chocolate!


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In every season, don't forget: take care of yourself! <3

It's all for now, see you next weekend!