So in my last article, I wrote how much I enjoyed making the first one and I had a few colours I still wanted to use so here's my second version of My Name In Colours. Check out my first one if you haven't already xx

S is for Salmon

apartment, building, and city image pink, mirror, and rose gold image adidas, shoes, and pink image hair, pink, and hairstyle image
I love the Salmon, both the colour and the fish. There is something so warming about this colour, I truly enjoy wearing Salmon coloured clothes, my favourite backpack is bright salmon/coral and it really puts my clothes together.

U is for Ube

purple, ice cream, and food image cone, ice cream, and violet image marshmallow, pie, and yam image cake and sweet image
I've always wanted to know what Ube tasted like. I always see video's on instagram from the insider of whole restaurants dedicated to serving foods with ube in it. This colour is truly beautiful and makes me feel better because its natural lol.

M is for Mint

Image removed bts, suga, and kpop image bts, yoongi, and suga image car, green, and vintage image
Mint is one of those calming colours that I love to look at. I also included two cute pics of Yoongi/Suga because I loved his mint hair.

A is for Azure

blue, sky, and grunge image blue and hair image blue, couple, and kiss image Greece, travel, and santorini image
This colour makes me smile, it's bright, yet dark which I think is beautiful.

I is for Indigo

city, white, and interior image aesthetic, blue, and blue light image blue and twitter image blue, dark blue, and trees image
Indigo is such a funny word, I enjoy this colour yet I don't think I own anything this colour either, maybe in the future I will.

Y is for Yellow

Image by i_love_colors123 yellow, quotes, and aesthetic image aesthetic image bts, kpop, and rm image
I couldn't find any other colours beginning with Y so yellow has made a comeback, not that it's a bad thing. I love how versatile yellow is. Also enjoy this pic of Namjoon looking like a sunshine.

A is for Amber

abstract photography, amber, and drops image hair, orange, and hairstyle image amber, orange, and amber room image beauty, colors, and makeup image
I didn't know how much I liked this colour until I searched for pictures of it. It's so warming and lovely.

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed it. Also please comment if you'd like me to make one for you, I really enjoyed making it myself, of course, you can write your description to each colour but I don't mind providing colours and pics.

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