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Do you have moments, when you understand, that you happy exactly now, at the moment?
Happy as never before. Or is this feeling of freedom familiar to you? When you look on a thing,
on the person or smth else and enjoy his presence, his appearance, his smell /It’s doesn’t matter/.
I want to describe you several moments from this summer, that I, perhaps, remembered for all my life♪

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I take inspiration from people and nature, and this day I was overwhelmed with anticipation of events, that come soon.
It was a holiday, when weave wreaths and throw them into the water. The celebration calls Ivana Kupala .
We gathered together to go to the beach to throw the wreaths. Imagine:
Night. Beach. Thousands of stars. Small cheerful company and pleasant tension around…☻
Tension, that makes your heart beat more often. There are smell of night sky and the quiet music
,playing in someone’s phone, a feeling of peace and understanding that right now, at this moment you’re not alone, with best friends and around just water and sand.
Maybe that day I fell in love. Fell in love with a night beach, sparkling stars, a guy who gave me a jacket to keep warm…♥

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Summer nights were amazing.Do you remember the smell of night?: it is the smell of sleeping plants,
the smell of fresh wind , coming from far away, the smell of lilac and linden tree.
You are sitting on the roof with a friend or guy / he doesn’t even guess, that you are secretly in love with him/ watching on a silent city on empty roads, on annoying streetlight. It is blinking all the time. You are talking about everything you ever did, saw or heard.
This magic lasts until dawn..

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Happiness is a moment, that lasts forever in memories.
Well, I know. There are a lot of mistakes because of Google Translator, but I hope you guys will understand. ♥♥♥