Ok, so this is me:


Superthumb good Superthumb overthinking
I'm a little perfectionist, always nice to people and creative. but sometimes I overthink things a bit too much.


90s Superthumb autumn map
Pullovers & Sweaters are my fav. but I also like just to wear a tshirt with a cute print :)


animal Superthumb fat
huskys, cats AND especially unicorns XD
Superthumb ariel love actually Superthumb
Movies the greatest showman (a really great movie ^^), arielle and all the other disney classics, love actually, interstellar and 100+ more great movies


wallpaper Superthumb gryffindor Superthumb
13 reasons why, the girl on the train, harry potter and warrior cats


bts maroon 5 maybe music
BTS, Maroon 5 and some elder songs


Superthumb clouds aesthetic aesthetic
pastel colors are soo beautiful 0-0

I hope you enjoyed my first article and good night <33