So ive decided to do a writing challenge as its just started a new month.

I have slight OCD so im going to do day 1 and day 2 today as its the 2nd of March. I hope you understand why :)


the prompts are:

d a y 1
Introduce yourself

d a y 2
List 10 things that make you really happy

d a y 3
Write something that someone told you about yourself that you never forgot

d a y 4
Write a poem about who you are as a person

d a y 5
Write about someone who inspires you

d a y 6
Describe the types of clothes you normally wear

d a y 7
List five places you want to visit 

d a y 8
List 10 songs that you are loving right now

d a y 9
Share something you struggle with 

d a y 1 0
Post some words of wisdom that speak to you 

d a y 1 1
Something you always think “What if….” about

d a y 1 2
Write about five blessings in your life

d a y 1 3
What are you excited about? 

d a y 1 4
Post your favorite movies that you never get tired of watching 

d a y 1 5
Bullet-point your whole day

d a y 1 6
Something that you miss

d a y 1 7
Post about your zodiac sign and whether or not it fits you

d a y 1 8
Post 30 facts about yourself 

d a y 1 9
Discuss your first love

d a y 2 0
Post about three celebrity crushes

d a y 2 1
What three lessons do you want your children to learn from you?  

d a y 2 2
Put your music on shuffle and post the first ten songs 

d a y 2 3
A letter to someone, anyone  

d a y 2 4
Write about a lesson you’ve learned the hard way

d a y 2 5
Think of any word. Search it on WeHeartIt. Write something inspired by the 11th image

d a y 2 6
Write about an area in your life that you’d like to improve

d a y 2 7
Write about something that is kicking ass right now

d a y 2 8
Write about what is in your bag

d a y 2 9
What are your goals for the next 30 days?  

d a y 3 0
Your highs and lows for the month

So i am super excited to try this

i hope you enjoy this challenge